Mold: Facts True/False Edition

Mold on carpet and carpet pad tiger carpet care & water restoration

When a homeowner or business owner suspects or finds mold, panic and stress sets in. Most people have some preconceived notions about mold and how to remove or kill it.  Here are some statements/facts for a true/false to help you be more educated.

All Mold Is Bad – False

Have you ever eaten cheese or take penicillin? Mold is used in the making of many kinds of cheese and in the manufacturing of antibiotics. While it is natural, consistent exposure to mold can have negative effects on ones health. If growing in your home or business it needs to be addressed as it will compromise your building and can cause health problems.

All Mold Causes Health Problems – False

Mold certainly can cause health problems it is not true that all molds cause health problems in all people. In reality the effect of mold on people varies greatly. Molds produce allergens, and while some people will be allergic to the allergens produced by mold not everyone will react to mold, and the effects can be varied depending on ones’ sensitivity to mold.

No Mold Inside – False

There are mold spores in the air you are breathing and there is really no way around this unless you decide to live inside an environmentally controlled bubble. Mold indoors is not the problem, the problem is with the concentration of mold indoors. Mold should not be growing in walls or on surfaces. We will always live with mold, the question is how much mold should we live with?

Cleaning up Mold isn’t Hard. You Should Do it Yourself  – True/False

This is another half truth. While you may be able to clean up certain kinds of mold in small quantities most people are not equipped to do proper mold remediation/cleanup. Simply wiping down the evidence is not good enough. To properly cleanup a mold problem you must

  • Identify the cause
  • Isolate the area to keep the mold from spreading
  • Clean and/or remove the affected surfaces/materials

Tiger Carpet Care & Water Restoration employs a Applied Microbial Remediation certified team leader for mold remediation from the IICRC.

Bleach Kills Mold – True/False

This is kind of a half truth. Bleach may kill certain kinds of mold on non-porous surfaces, however, it is not clear that bleach can kill all kinds of mold nor kill mold on porous surfaces such as wood. Research is continuing to be done on the effectiveness of bleach as a mold cleanup agent. It should be noted that using bleach to “kill” mold poses its own health risks and is not a recommended solution. Bleach is also very corrosive and can cause further damage if not used correctly.

Killing Mold is Enough – False

Putting aside the conflicting reports on what kills mold, simply killing mold does not remove the health effects as the allergens are still present even in dead mold. To properly protect against health effects, removal of the affected areas is often necessary.

Care must be taken when removing the affected areas so that the allergens and mold is not spread throughout the house. Tearing out a wall with mold spores without containment, can spread millions of spores through out your home or business causing more damage. That is why professional mold remediation services are often necessary to properly fix a mold problem.

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