Carpet Cleaning – Scotchgard Benefits


Using Scotchgard on your carpets can often be one of the best decisions you’ll make. In fact, there are direct benefits to using Scotchgard for a variety of different reasons. It remains one of the most effective (and cost-effective!) ways to protect your carpets, furniture, and other furnishings while providing and keeping high value and maintaining cleanliness.

Dust never has a chance to get down deep into your carpets when Scotchgard is applied, and it means you’ll have to spend less money to clean carpets in the long term, thanks to the fact that your Scotchgard lining will prevent your carpets from holding and retaining dirt.

For those who live in more humid climates, Scotchgard also works to protect carpets and furnishings from water, humidity, and the associated mold and bacteria that would otherwise be common in these instances. Scotchgard works as a catch-all and a good safety and security base to start with when it comes to avoiding carpet cleaning issues and mold, bacteria, and more problems.

Another advantage of Scotchgard is the tremendous clarity and ultra-thin coating that it provides people. You won’t even notice that it has been applied. You will have the peace of mind that your carpets are protected.


Although anyone can choose to Scotchgard their carpet or upholstery, it will probably be most beneficial in households that see a lot of action. If your pets sometimes have accidents, if your children can be a little messy, if you host a lot of parties, or if you’re simply a klutz, scotchgarding will be well worth the investment. Just imagine how much more relaxed you’ll be! No more fretting at your annual Christmas party when all your guests are drinking red wine. No more worries when your dog has an accident in your bedroom. And no more anxious scrubbing with a handful of cleaning products. Plus, Scotchgard is useful outside of your home as well; it’s also a great product to use in offices and it really comes in handy if you own any rental properties.

Although many carpets today come with a protective layer, that product wears down over time and dirt, grime, and stains will be able to penetrate the carpet fibers again. With scotchgarding, you ensure that anything unwanted remains on top of the fibers, making it easier to wipe away or quickly suck up with a vacuum.

From a cost perspective, you are more than getting what you pay for with Scotchgard, too – you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’ve made a solid investment. You’ll also know that in the long term, you won’t need to worry about any problems with Scotchgard itself, as the product is designed to be used in the long run and used for years with its effectiveness remaining intact.

Tiger Carpet Care & Water Restoration offers a TIGER PRIDE package that includes Scotchgard on all carpets we clean.  We will come back in 6 months and do another cleaning of traffic areas only. Call us today to schedule your carpet cleaning and take PRIDE in your carpets.

Tiger Pride

$100 per room

Additional services:

  • Move Furniture (60 lb. max)
  • Baseboards (wiped down)
  • Scotchgard treatment on all carpets cleaned
  • FREE 6 month cleaning – traffic areas only